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Gayathri Padmakumar
Name:Gayathri Padmakumar
Place:Kottayam, Kerala

I am a first time mom of a 7 month old Baby girl Vedika who has added a new dimension to my life. A technical and non technical content writer by profession, I enjoy writing short and long blogs and reading books.

Unique design and colour with feathers and softness

The hairband is unique with lovely design with feathers. Soft material and looks attractive on baby 7 month old baby girl Vedika. It fits her perfectly and love the design and texture of the hair band. Stretchable and soft material which adds to it's easy usage. Highly recommended product for toddlers and kids.



Soft on skin


Soft material

Lovely colour

Dec 16 2019
The best way to introduce potty training

As a mom of a 7 month old baby girl who can now sit without support, I started potty training last month and have seen my cousin use the same product for toilet. It's extremely kids friendly, can be fitted easily, very comfortable design, fits all toilet seats and is easy to carry if we are planning a day out at some resorts or friend's place. The soft surface is actually a boon as my kid loves to sit on it for hours. I strongly recommend all mummas this product as it's durable, economical and aids a lot in potty training sessions without much of an effort.


Detachable potty ring

Handles on potty seat

Non-skid edges

Fits all toilets

Universal design


Great design

Soft and comfortable outlay


Short pee guard

Dec 06 2019
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