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Drkrupali Chudasama
Name:Drkrupali Chudasama

Doctor & mom blogger from Ahmedabad

Loved this for my lil one

Review time✨ Keeping your baby healthy is top priority for any parent.Enjoy goodness with every drop with @nirmal_vco baby coconut oil. It's the purest form of baby oil which is extracted from cold-pressed fresh coconut oil. A gentle massage of 15-20 minutes will help your baby sleep better. KLF Nirmal Virgin Coconut Baby Oil does miracles with other extra benefits like soothes nappy rashes,relieve teething pain,moisturizes skin.


Very mild but very effective

Immediate results


Baby-friendly bottle & cap


Fast-absorbing formula

Sep 16 2020
Best buy in growing years

I highly appreciate this product, it's an integral part in my baby's baby led weaning and now my nephew using this and I must say you guys will never regret decesion of buying this particular brand in this price range particular the best It's very much comfortable, and quality is also so good


In this price range the best buy


Not actually in case of my baby

Sep 04 2020
Super useful, must buy

It's really good quality and easily used also find it value for money, alos super good quality so no color fading issues at all. Relief of not any hurt to our previous one as no sharp edges. I used this product for such a long time that's why highly recommend it


Good quality

Soft on the gums

Fits into the baby’s hands

Easily washable

No sharp edges

It's really good quality & no sharp ages so very useful


It's easy to hold and super useful

Sep 04 2020
Loved this for my lil one

Pigeon baby shampoo has been recommended by my pediatrician and I must say I am happily using this since long time because of its no tears formula and pH balanced and also it's super soft no harsh chemicals used so my baby quiet adopted to his skin and he enjoyed his shampoo time so basically good option it is


100% soap-free

pH balanced formula

No-tear formula

Mild fragrance

Gentle on hair

No Parabens Preservative-free


Not such

Sep 04 2020
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