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Nilam Patel
Name:Nilam Patel

I’m 26 years Old Mom of a Baby Girl. Physiotherapist by Profession. Raising Baby is toughest Job I’ve ever Face but Seeing her Smiling makes everything perfect.

Well Known kids Brand.

Tour Soap for us. For outing we take it with us. It’s very useful. Seems very mild and gentle to baby skin. Skin getting Soft after use and there’s no strong fragrance at all. Not Expensive and from Well-known brand too. But it doesn’t lasts a long. You can try it. It’s not that expensive.

Feb 25 2020
Must have Product

One of the Best Product we have purchased by Philips. They made this Perfectly for babies. We used it for 6 months And it’s really durable. Amazing product and must have. Philips Avent products Having really amazing range for kids and they are worthy. We never faced leaking problem in this bottle

Feb 21 2020
Best Company for Kids

SebaMed Products are best for kids. If it’s Shampoo, Body Wash, Lotion, Powder or anything. In my Pregnancy we purchased SebaMed set for our Kid and trust me They truly worth it. My Sister in law suggested this brand and they are trustworthy. Sebamed Shampoo is completely soap free and it works truly amazing. I never trimmed her hair n hair are so soft everyday. It’s actually working really wonderfully.

Feb 21 2020
Best Indian brand

We were using Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment which were best in the business. On a Trip we forget to take it with us so without even thinking we selected Himalayas which are trustworthy. We are happy with this Product and using it regularly now a days. Not so Expensive and with little strong fragrance. We definitely suggest you to buy for your kids

Feb 21 2020
No Need to see even Reviews just Buy it.

Vicks is household name in India. We don’t purchase any other brand in the cold n this is Fact. Last Winter we used it for 3 months just to make our Kid little warm and cold free. N we are fully satisfied with them. Their baby Rub range are amazing and works properly. They Fragrance too less than our normal Vicks which is very important. We suggest you to buy this rather than any else

Feb 21 2020
Huggies are best

We are using this from a long time. Huggies normal diapers are good too. But after 8 months we started Pants for our Girl and they are so comfortable. They fit so well and don’t irritate at all. Some products may have issues with rashes after a long time but trust me, Huggies are best in this matter. Now a days she sleeps almost for 10 hours and we don’t have to worry about it at all.

Feb 21 2020
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