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Jan 03 2021

What are the different sizes available in Mee Mee Premium Diapers?

Sunitha Bakkathatla

The diapers are available in small (upto 8 kg), medium (up to 11 kg), large (upto 14 kg), and extra large (upto 20 kg).

Oct 16 2020

Can I wash the iStore Bath Shower Cap?

Monisha Sarkar

Yes, you can wash and reuse the cap.

Sep 16 2020

Can I sterilize Munchkin Infant Safety Spoons?


No. The spoons are not sterilizable.

Dec 13 2020

Can I use Mamaearth Bamboo Based Wipes on my baby's face?

Nilay Chaklasiya

Yes, the wipes can be used on the face safely.

Sep 11 2020

What material is used to make Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Storybook?

Sanjana Rathod

It is made of plastic material.

Aug 17 2020

How many batteries does BabyGo Musical Rattle need?

Geeta Ghokule

The musical rattle needs 2 AA batteries.

Jul 14 2020

Does Aleva Naturals Baby Laundry contain SLS?

Monisha Sarkar

The detergent is hypoallergenic, SLS/SLES, and dioxiane.

May 07 2020

Does Zest 4 Toyz Racing Speed Car have turning mode through steering?


Yes, the car operates only with a steering remote control. It takes turns to left, right, forward, and backward.

Nov 08 2020

Does the Mee Mee Advanced 3-in-1 Sterilizer maintain the temperature of milk?

Ankita Aasish

No, the sterilizer can not maintain the food temperature. It can only warm the food.

Aug 12 2020

How long can we store the BabyStaples Brown Rice Porridge?

Geeta Ghokule

You need to feed the porridge within 30 minutes of cooking.

Aug 27 2020

Is First Solids Millets & Rice Kichadi made in India?


Yes, the Kichadi is made in India.

Oct 25 2020

Does the Charlie Banana On-the-go Tote Bag smell bad on storing used diapers?

Monisha Sarkar

No, the bag doesn’t smell bad. To avoid the bad smell, you can add a few drops of fragrant oil in a small pouch, which is located at the bottom of the bag.

Jul 13 2020

Can I wash the Curtis Toys Play Gym mat?

Zeba Khan

Yes, you can safely wash the mat with a mild detergent.

May 27 2020

What material is used to make the Simba Basketball Kit?

Geeta Ghokule

The basketball kit is made of plastic material.

Sep 17 2020

What material is used to make the Planet of Toys Smiley Balls Set?


The balls are made of foam material.

Sep 11 2020

What material is used to make the Disney Princess Swimming Ring With Seat?


The ring is made of PVC material.

May 27 2020

What material is used to make Disney Mickey Mouse Cricket Ball And Bat?

The cricket set is made of plastic material.

Jul 29 2020

What material is used to make Annie 2 In 1 Dart Game?


The board is made of good quality plywood material.

Aug 21 2020

Does Vouch Amazona Sachel Mother Bag With Changing Mat have a sling option?

amrutha anmol

The bag comes with a removable shoulder strap only.

Sep 09 2020

Can the R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite be used for 8-years-old?

Vindhya Shenoy

No, the stroller is designed for 0 to 3-year-old babies.

Sep 11 2020

Can a 5-year-old use Baby Blue Forward Facing Toddler Car Seat?

amrutha anmol

Yes, a 5-year-old can comfortably use the car seat.

Mar 25 2020

Does the swing of Babyhug Cozy Nest Cradle With Mosquito Net produce noise while swinging?


No, the cradle has smooth bearings that produce no noise while swinging.

Apr 23 2020

Can I use Philips Avent Anti Colic Bottle with Airfree Vent without Vent?


Yes, the bottle can be used without placing the Vent. However, Philips advises using the air-free Vent to stop the air from entering into the stomach.

Jun 13 2020

How do I recline the backrest of Babyhug Dolce Vita 3-in-1 High Chair?


To recline the backrest, press the button located behind the chair and pull the backrest to the desired position. The backrest can be reclined in 3 different positions.

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