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Anjali  Juneja
Name:Anjali  Juneja


Herbal and Natual

Great lotion as it is non greasy and moisturizing enough which is a must in winters. The natural fragrance is soothing. It is quickly absorbed and provides required nourishment to the skin. Its totally natural and even recommended by paediatrician. Do use it if you want to keep your baby's skin soft and supple.

Dec 13 2019
Herbal and Natual rash cream!!

It is made up of all the natural oils like castor oil,calendula oil,coconut oil,glycerine and unique blend of calendula and zinc oxide which reduces,relieves and soothes the severity of diaper rash and helps prevent bacterial growth, also there is no synthetic colour,no sulphates,no mineral oil,no artificial fragnance and preservatives free which makes this rash cream good for sensitive skin also.

Dec 13 2019
Great for Massage!!

It is a non sticky herbal oil which is good for babies skin and makes it smooth and supple. This lotus baby oil is for daily massage of baby as it contains olive oil,almond oil which nourishes and strengthens baby's bones. It also helps to soothe the baby and aids in making him asleep.

Dec 13 2019
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