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simarpreet kaur 
Name:simarpreet kaur 


perfect shampoo

very good shampoo. makes my baby’s hair so soft like fur. i am using this from more than six months. i dont have any complains in this product. a very small amount of shampoo lathers so well that you become very happy. it doesnot have any. over strong fragrance . its just so natural in every sense and safe for my baby. do buy and use this for sure


Gentle on skin

Hypoallergenic and safe

Lathers well

Mild fragrance

Soft and nourishing

Reasonable price

Nov 22 2019
swing swing high

my baby enjoys the swing too much. she keeps trying to sit more n more in this swing. i was little fearful in the beginning but it became ok with time. its safe, beautiful, soft seat fabric, ropes material is soft good quality harnesses, .... and much more. my sweetie falls askeep in the seat every time very easily.. i recommend this to everyone with a little kid. its safe and useful.


Adjustable swing speeds

Bouncy seat

Washable seat pad



Non reclining

No AC Adapter

Nov 22 2019
classy and cool

it is a very classy and useful product for a mom. i can carry all my baby essentials in one bag which looks so classy, cool and comfortable to carry. even i dont carry my handbag ,, this serves all purpose in one thing only.. this a must buy product for every mum to be easy at all chores. it has inbuilt space for all things seperately so when you open it all looks so clean and organised . nothing messes up in it...and organised everytime


Multi-utility bags

Changing mats

Spacious compartments

Adjustable shoulder straps

super cool classy look


Flimsy inner lining

only one piece unlike other bahs which are a set of 2 to 3 pouches

Oct 14 2019
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