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Moisturizes skin deeply

Lotus baby herbal body lotion has been our best partner in winters. It deeply moisturizes my baby's skin and its non-sticky too. The best part is, it is chemically tested for babies and marked safe. It nourishes your baby's skin and keeps it hydrated for a long time. It's a must-have product for all moms.

Dec 13 2019
Happy Bums Rash Cream

It is the best rash cream that will prevent the rashes even if you keep your baby in diapers for the whole day also. If you are a working mom or you prefer keeping your child in diapers at home due to winter season, this is a one-stop solution. It is natural and gentle. Keeps your baby rash free.

Dec 13 2019
Eternal love baby massage oil

Lotus herbal eternal love baby massage oil is the best massage oil I've used so far for my baby. It is chemical-free and helps to strengthen the bones of your baby. It is non-greasy unlike other oils and is very smooth to apply. It is a must-have product for all moms.

Dec 13 2019
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