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Chakrasthitha Ravichandra
Name:Chakrasthitha Ravichandra

Mompreneur, Freelancer. Stay at home mommy of two boys.

Best for infants

I started using this baby rub for my little one since he was 15 days old. It is very effective in releasing stuffy nose and helps babies suffering from cold. Reduces irritation also. Perfect for infants who are on breastfeed. I strongly recommend this to all moms who have newborn with cold.



Dermatologist tested

Fragrance free

Mar 28 2020
Cleanest Cleanser

I have used this on my children and have been using it from the past 7 years. It is the best body wash you can ever use for the sensitive skin of babies and toddlers. It cleans well too. After playing holi, I use it to wash off the color and works really well.


100% soap-free

No-tear formula

Mild fragrance

Gentle on hair

Dec 23 2019
Tasty toothpaste for toddler

I got this in the baby box from Momjunction. My 7 year old son liked it and he now brushes twice a day. The most important thing I wanted him to do. Brushing was fussy and I have tried almost all brands including the most advertised ones. Am very happy about this one. Thanks to mamma earth.


Natural formulation



Tastes good

Dec 08 2019
Happy bathing

I am using this since a week on my 1 month old son and yes, it is nice. Previously I was using Himalaya soap and he had a few rashes on his face. Mamaearth body wash has considerably reduced the rashes and the fragrance is also mild. It does nourish well.


Gentle on skin

Mild fragrance

Soft and nourishing

Dec 08 2019
Best shampoo for babies and toddlers.

Well, I got this in the baby box from Momjunction. I used it on both my 7 year old and 1 month old boys. I am super happy about this shampoo. It wont lather much and so it washes off quickly. Not too harsh smell. It removes the oil very well from my little one's hair. I use it daily now. Replaced the old shampoo with mamaearth now.


Gentle on skin

Hypoallergenic and safe

Lathers well

Mild fragrance

Dec 08 2019
Wonder pant with the blue line

I brought the XS Huggies pants when I was in the final month of pregnancy. I must say it is worth buying. It has the perfect fit for a newborn. No rashes, no elastic pressing the soft skin and above all it lasts the whole night. Very easy to remove though it seals in well without giving way to any leakages. I sleep tight with my baby with Huggies XS. Happiness for every new parent!


Fresh cotton feel

Hugs baby's waist


Rash free

Good absorption

Dec 04 2019
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