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Senthil Kumar
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Amazing Product

I always prefer baby products that are plant-based. And I am in love with these Mamaearth Plant-Based Diaper Pants. It has a very good quality safe brand of diaper. Its surround elastic ensured it to be leak-free. The most advantage of this diaper is t comes with a wetness indicator that helps when to change the diaper.




Oct 25 2020
Senthil Kumar
Jan 13 2021

Is NUK Nipple Shield dishwasher-safe?

Ramya Rao

Yes, the shield is dishwasher-safe and can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Senthil Kumar
Dec 05 2020

Can I warm the Pariday Tend Her Pack gel packs?

Yes, you can warm the gel packs by placing them in hot water.

Senthil Kumar
Dec 06 2020

Can I detach the handle of the Pigeon MagMag Straw Cup?

Yes, you can detach and attach the handle for cleaning, but while feeding the handle needs to be attached.

Senthil Kumar
Dec 04 2020

Does the Mamaearth Stretch Marks Cream help to tighten the loose belly?


No. The cream is formulated to diminish the stretch marks but not to tighten the belly.

Senthil Kumar
Dec 04 2020

Can I wash Divinext Bath Cap?

Raj Kumar

Yes, you can safely wash the shower cap with a mild detergent and reuse it.

Senthil Kumar
Dec 04 2020

Does LuvLap Baby Bathtub have a drain plug?

Yes, the bathtub comes with a drain plug that is easy to remove.

Senthil Kumar
Oct 09 2020

Is Peppa Pig George Pig Soft Toy washable?

Ramya Rao

Yes, the Peppa pig is washable.

Senthil Kumar
Sep 02 2020

Does the Syga Backpack Style Diaper Bag have internal compartments?


No, the backpack has only one main compartment, and all the stuff needs to be kept there.

Senthil Kumar
Sep 05 2020

Is the seat of the Funride Winny Musical Walker washable?


Yes, the seat can be removed easily and hand-washed. Do not use harsh detergents to wash the seat.

Senthil Kumar
Jul 01 2020

Does R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride The Designer Pram have a recline feature?

Asif Sheikh

The pram reclines in 3 different positions.

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