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Asna Amin
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Happy babies from head to toe

It's gentle and soft on New born babies.It contains no dyes and harmful chemicals.This head to toe bath is gentle on your baby's eyes as well on skin.Its a pH Balance formula. It smoothes your baby skin and hair.It contains no parabens.Johnson's is a renowed name since many years.Its duing its job really well making most of the world families happy .


100% soap-free

pH balanced formula

No-tear formula

Mild fragrance

Gentle on hair

No Parabens Preservative-free

Dec 25 2019
Gr8 dusting powder

It's not a talc.It's much more than that.It keeps your baby dry and moisture free.After every diaper change use this dusting powder and keep your baby happy and dry.aIts a total chemical free formula gentle on baby's soft skin.Its made up of 70% natural and organic ingredients. Plz try it and u r really going to love this.


Prevents rash

Avoids skin chafing

Keeps the baby fresh

Prevents body odor

Absorbs sweat

Prevents rash

Dec 25 2019
Comfort bath for your baby

It's gentle on baby's skin.It has a nice fragrance.Its totally chemical free.It's a tear free formula.It calms your baby.The baby will feel comfortable .and sleep soundly in its mild fragrance.The baby will feel relaxed and happy. Its price is reasonable.It comes in a nice packaging and it's great to use.plz try it.


Gentle on skin

Hypoallergenic and safe

Lathers well

Mild fragrance

Soft and nourishing

Dec 25 2019
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