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Highly recommended

I came to know about this product from my friend and heard a lot positive reviews in my circle, it comes from trusted brand zandu, it's a good supplement for to improve breast milk production, it recommended by doctors, it's totally safe as it is made up of natural ingredients, best part it's quite affordable.



Natural and safe

Improves milk production

Tastes good

Easy to digest

Doctor recommended

Reasonably priced

Dec 19 2019
Toxin free best shampoo for lil one

Mamaearth is the brand which i trust for my lil one, reason behind it is that it's 100% toxin free, from past 2 months I'm using it's shampoo for my kiddo, the texture is clear gel type, lil quantity needed to clean the hair thoroughly, it has very fine mild fragrance, it's totally tear free, it lathers rich and make soft foam, cleanses the scalp and hair thoroughly and make them soft and shiny. A must try product for the lil one's as it's totally safe and really made it with care.

Dec 08 2019
Nice product

I'm in love with mamaearth products and so as my kiddo, I'm using Mamaearth body wash from past 2 months for my kid, she loves taking bubble bath with it. It's gentle for her skin, texture is gel type transparent and it cleanses the skin well, it's really mild and perfect for baby's soft and sensitive skin, it has very mild and soothing fragrance, i highly recommend this product as my kid enjoys taking bath and it's totally safe for li'l one's.



Gentle on skin

Hypoallergenic and safe

Lathers well

Mild fragrance

Soft and nourishing

Reasonable price

Dec 08 2019
Happy brushing

My kid is using mamaearth berry blast toothpaste from past 2 months and i can see that now she's enjoying her brushing as it's of her favourite flavour strawberry, as a mother my major concern about toothpaste is weather it is safe or not for my kiddo, weather it is able to remove plaque, does it contains any harsh chemicals, after using mamaearth berry blast toothpaste for my kiddo i can highly recommend it as it's 100% natural, tastes good and the best part it's sls & fluoride free, so no worries mom's it's totally safe and good for yr kiddos



Natural formulation



Tastes good


Dec 04 2019
Anuja Pundir
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