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Ankita jain Jain
Name:Ankita jain Jain
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Best diapers

I have been using this diapers for my baby Ridhaan since long and I am very much satisfied with them.high absorption and soft and comfortable. It really suits my baby sensitive skin and not even caused rashes. I really love the diapers and the amount of comfort it provides to my baby. Much recommended



Environmental friendly

No skin irritation


Oct 28 2020
Best product

Munchkin miracle 360 is really amazing product. My baby is using it since one month and it is bite proof and spill proof. It is BPA free and non toxic. Best part is it is easy to carry and clean. My baby enjoy drinking with it. It is much recommended product for all toddlers.


Bite Proof

Bpa Free


Non-Toxic Material

Spill Proo

Oct 09 2020
Best coconut oil for babies

I love this KLF Nirmal coconut oil. This is free from chemicals and fragrance. It is edible too. It’s fast absorption and light weight formula makes it best for my baby. It is clinically proven for babies and mild and gentle for them. I just love the product and best coconut oil for babies


Very mild but very effective

Immediate results



Baby-friendly bottle & cap


Fast-absorbing formula


Solidifies during winter

Oct 02 2020
Moisturizing and hydrating

My baby and I just love this Mom & World Baby Wash. It’s tear free formula helps my baby enjoy bathing. It is totally soap free. It leaves my baby’s delicate skin soft and gentle. The essential oils in it moisturize my baby’s skin and keep it hydrated. I just love the fragrance and the lather it provides. It is totally chemical free hence, suitable for every day use and suits all type of skin and hair. Love this product.


Suitable for all skin types

Gentle formula

Dermatologically tested


Tear-free formula


Lathers well

Rinses off easily

No mineral oils

No parabens

No silicones

No phthalates

No sulfates

No colors


Jul 05 2020
Makes hair healthy

Mom & World Hair Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner helps to manage my frizzy hair and provides them strength and shine. I love the fragrance of the shampoo and the conditioner. These are totally chemical free and gentle on hair, making my hair look soft and healthy. It is suitable on all hair types and gives luster to my dull and frizzy hair. I just love the product and would recommend all to try this.


Suitable for all skin types

No silicones

No parabens

No sulfates

No mineral oils



Safe for color treated or keratin treated hair

Pump dispenser

Jul 05 2020
Good children toothpaste

My son loves the toothpaste. The fruit punch flavour of toothpaste makes it my son’s favourite.He loves the taste and enjoy brushing with pigeon children toothpaste. It is chemical free and does not contain any artificial colour hence totally safe for children. It helps prevent cavity and bad odour. It strengthens tooth enamel and provide mouth freshness. Much recommended


Prevents cavities

Strengthens weakened tooth enamel

Reverses early tooth decay

Limit the growth of oral bacteria

Slow down the loss of minerals from tooth enamel

Leaves mouth frsh

Dec 28 2019
Totally safe for children

Mamaearth natural insect repellent is totally safe for children as it is chemical free and non toxic. It Provides long lasting protection and safeguard against deadly decease. It is made up of all natural oil and have mild fragrance. It is easy to apply and non sticky. Good product for children and totally safe. much recommended


Chemical Free

Mild fragrance

Natural Ingredients

Easy to apply

Skin friendly

Long Lasting

Dec 27 2019
Safe for children

Vicks baby rub is specially made for children as it is safe for kids and have pleasant aroma. It is really very effective during cold and cough. It clears the congestion of nose during cold and cough and provide sound sleep to children. We can apply it over neck, chest and nose as it is totally safe and non allergic.much recommended for kids




Dermatologist tested


Dec 27 2019
Best product for lactating mothers

Zandu striveda Satavari is especially formulated for lactating mothers to increase the breast milk as breast milk is best source of nutrition for babies.i have been using it for more than a week and found it really helpful in increasing my breast milk formation. It tastes good and easily is totally safe and natural and value for money.


Natural and safe

Improves milk production

Tastes good

Easy to digest

Doctor recommended

Reasonably priced

Dec 24 2019
Best diaper rash ointment

I recently start using the Desitin Diaper rash cream for my 2 year old son. The paediatrician have recommended me this rash cream when my son develops lots of rashes ; redness and itchiness due to usage of diapers and he got relief overnight. It is tested by dermatologist and have no side is very gentle and chemical free thus totally safe for my little one.



Paraben free;

Fragrance free;

Cruelty free;

Gentle for skin;

Soft and moisturizing.


None of the above

Dec 15 2019
Comfortable and adjustable

I have purchased this mosquito net with mattress for gifting my niece.The material is soft and provides comfort to little ones.The net is easily adjustable and detachable. It prevents mosquitoes and other flies from entering inside. The pillow and mattress are comfortable for baby to sleep. It is portable and can be kept anywhere.My sister in law love the product and is very good option to gift and to use. Much recommended.


Secure fit


Fine, breathable mesh

Adjustable net

Detachable net


Tears easily

Dec 10 2019
Best shampoo for children

I started using this shampoo for my child one month earlier. It is very gentle on my child’s hair leaving them soft and is made up with natural ingredients and totally safe for children.I love the mild fragrance of shampoo as children don’t like strong fragrances.Much recommended as it is paraben free and value for money


100% soap-free

pH balanced formula

No-tear formula

Mild fragrance

Gentle on hair

No Parabens Preservative-free



Dec 09 2019
My baby loves it

This product from baby hug solves all my problems as it contains wheel for easy movablity along with brakes and have storage space and mosquitoes net even..... and adjustable height with enough space till toddler. Highly recommend it to those who are searching for a good and reliable cot with all comforts


Multipurpose cot


Availability issues

Oct 12 2019
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