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Aug 17 2020

Does Barbie Badminton Racket come with cork?

Zeba Khan

No, the set does not include cork.

May 27 2020

Is it available only in brown?

Ananya Sharma

Yes, Wild Republic CK Baby Leopard Soft Toy available only in brown.

May 08 2020

How long does Mixen Baby Musical Bouncer produce music?


The bouncer produces music for 25 minutes. It has 3 music categories with 19 different tunes.

Apr 24 2020

Is Fab-N-Funky Baby Potty Chair With Lid safe to use?

Mala Raghuram

The potty chair is made using non-toxic material and is safe to use.

Apr 23 2020

Is Babyhug Duet Diaper Bag available in different colors?

Mala Raghuram

Yes, the diaper bag is available in yellow, pink, turquoise, and red.

Apr 24 2020

Is Baby Diaper Bags Floral Print Pack a twin pack?

Yes, the pack is a twin pack - it has two diaper bags of different sizes.

May 22 2020

Does Fab-N-Funky Baby Diaper Bag With Bear Patch have a changing mat?

Mala Raghuram

Yes, the diaper bag has a changing mat.

Mar 20 2020

Is Vismiintrend Waterproof Diaper Bag With Insulated Pockets washable?

Yes, the diaper bag is washable. Always use a mild detergent to wash the bag.

Mar 26 2020

Is Pigeon Peristaltic Polypropylene Feeding Bottle With Medium Flow Teat available in different colors?

Ananya Sharma

It is available in red, pink, and blue.

Jun 17 2020

Is Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Wide Neck Feeding Bottle available in pink?

Zeba Khan

Yes, the bottle is available in blue and pink.

Apr 23 2020

Is Dr Brown's Natural Flow Baby Feeding Bottle Set available in colors?


Yes, the feeding bottle is available in pink, blue, and white.

Jun 26 2020

Is LuvLap Premier Baby Car Seat FAA approved?

Ananya Sharma

The car seat is ECE-certified.

Jun 18 2020

Is LuvLap Starshine Baby Stroller useful for a 1-month-old baby?

Yes, a month old can lie comfortably in the stroller.

Jun 12 2020

Is Blossom Child Proofings Mom To Be On Board Sign Board II a sticker or vacuum stick?

Geeta Ghokule

The signboard comes with a vacuum cup that attaches to the window screens.

Apr 16 2020

Does Babyhug Cocoon Stroller come with the reclining positions?

Sahaja Krishnan

Yes, the stroller comes with 3 different reclining positions.

May 21 2020

Does New Natraj Comfy Cradle With Play Toys have a rack?

Ananya Sharma

No, the cradle does not have any storage space or an additional rack attached to it.

May 13 2020

Is Mee Mee Baby Cradle With Swing And Mosquito Net foldable?

Mahira Ali

No, the cradle is not foldable. If you want to fold it, you need to disassemble the entire cradle.

Mar 25 2020

What size of the mattress fits in Babyhug Lily Wooden Cot With Detachable Bassinet & Side Shelf?

Reethu Jain

Any mattress with 120 x 60 x 10 cm fits easily in the wooden cot.

Mar 19 2020

How long will Sebamed Baby Rash Cream take to reduce diaper rash?

Shruti Arora

Sebamed claims that the cream takes 3 weeks to reduce 50% diaper rash as proven clinically.

Jan 29 2020

Can we use Curatio Atogla Cream for a 2-year-old baby?

Mala Raghuram

Curatio suggests that the cream is ideal for babies' who are below 1 year.

Apr 23 2020

Can everyone use Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Spray?


No, people with sensitive skin need to do a patch test before use. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, children below 2 years are not allowed to use the spray.

Mar 18 2020

Is Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath tear-free?

Geeta Ghokule

It is formulated tear-free, hypoallergenic, and is safe to use.

Apr 29 2020

How many times can I use Mamaearth Ubtan Face Mask for Skin Lightening and Brightening?


Use the mask twice a week for visible results.

May 13 2020

Is Pigeon Glass Feeding Bottle with 2 Nipples available in colors?

Though the feeding bottle is made using glass material, the collar ring is made using pale blue, pink, and red.

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