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Beautiful but fragile

This is very cute little photo frame for your cute munchkin.. You will love the designs the colours the idea. Yet its very small and magnet should be more powerful. Otherwise it is very beautiful has vibrant colour so attracts attention and pic looks very cute. So I liked it, its nice but should have been bigger.

Nov 05 2019
Baby on board

A must have product if you are travelling with a baby. Very colourful as such its easily visible, and somewhat u feel safe when its there as other people would be cautious as baby is there.

Sep 30 2019
Net is must

It is a must have if you are using a cradle for the baby to sleep.. It is safe and comfortable, it keeps bugs mosquitoes etc away from baby and so you can also have your sleep comfortably without worrying about the baby..

Sep 30 2019
Comfy cradle

I got this as a gift from my brother for my new born baby, initially my baby didnt liked to sleep in that but later on he developed the habit and it was very easier to make baby fall asleep in this. 👍👍

Sep 30 2019
Good product

I saw this in some shopping site and was like we totally need this. And i was proved correct by my baby as it is really helful to make baby sit and eat, he can also join others in the dining table. And as we all know baby loves to eat what others are eating so total thumbs up to the product.

Sep 30 2019
Good product

It is a good product, makes it easier for parents to carry the baby, even I've seen babies being very comfortable in that, but my baby doesn't liked these..😓😓

Sep 30 2019
Wonderful product

These diapers are best for new born as they are very soft which is a must for new borns.

Sep 30 2019
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