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Mar 17 2021

How tall does the Star Wars Luke Skywalker stand?

The toy stands 6-inches tall.

Mar 04 2021

What material is used to make the Marvel Legends Wolverine?

Deb Behera

The toy is made of plastic material.

Feb 20 2021

How tall does the Funko Batman stand?


The toy stands 4 inches tall.

Jan 27 2021

Can adults use Johnson's Baby Wipes?

Kashaf Sayed

Yes, adults can use these wipes safely.

Jan 03 2021

Is Mamypoko Pants Diaper available in different sizes?

Yes, the diapers are available in newborn (upto 5 kg), small (4 to 8 kg), medium (7 to 12 kg), large (9 to 14 kg), extra large (12 to 17 kg), double extra large (15 to 25 kg), and triple extra large(18 to 35 kg).

Jan 10 2021

Does Freshkins Taped Diapers come in a pant model?


No, the diapers come with velcros that help to secure the diaper correctly.

Jan 03 2021

Does Magic Stick Diaper Ointment lock the wetness?

Applying a thin layer of the ointment creates a mild wetness barrier decreasing rashes and redness.

Dec 04 2020

What is the expiry date of the Sebamed Anti Stretch Mark Cream?

Deb Behera

It has an expiry of 3 years from MFD.

Dec 12 2020

Is Mustela Stretch Mark Cream available in different quantities?


The cream is available in quantities of 150 ml and 250 ml.

Dec 06 2020

Is Medela Hands Free Bustier available in different sizes?

Gungun Jain

Yes, the bustier is available in small, medium, and large sizes with white and black colors.

Dec 03 2020

Does Baby Delight Camera come with zoom and tilt features?

You can zoom when the camera is connected to your tablet.

Dec 03 2020

Can I use Futaba Adjustable Shower Cap for 4-months-olds?

Yes, you can use it, but it will be better suited for babies who can sit.

Dec 04 2020

Can adults use Bioderma Cicabio Cream?

Yes, adults can use this cream as the cream can soothe irritated and damaged skin.

Dec 04 2020

Can adults use Pigeon Children Toothpaste?


Yes, there would be no harm in using this toothpaste. However, the toothpaste may not show proper effect on adults' teeth.

Dec 03 2020

What is the shelf life of Mosbito Mosquito Repellent Patch?

The shelf life is 5 years from MFD.

Dec 04 2020

Is Chicco Baby Digital Thermometer suitable for newborns?

Arushi Rajvanshi

Yes, the thermometer is suitable for newborns and above.

Dec 04 2020

Does The First Years Tub come with a belt?

Velani Krushit

No, your baby will be safe in the tub.

Dec 04 2020

Does Philips Avent Sipper leak when it is kept in a bag?


No, the sipper comes with a tight-sealing cap and a sipper cover.

Nov 22 2020

Can I use Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Wash on the baby's face?

Yes, you can use it on a baby's face. However, we suggest using a face wash

Nov 05 2020

Where is the Babyganics Bubble Bath made?

The bubble math is made in the USA.

Nov 06 2020

What is the expiry date of Continent Spice Khadi Body Wash?

Senthil Kumar

The expiry date of the body wash is 3 years from the the date of manufacturing.

Nov 08 2020

Can adults use mosquito repellent provided in Mamaearth Complete Care Kit?


Yes, they can use it. The repellent is formulated to protect from mosquito bites.

Nov 01 2020

Can Johnson's Baby Oil be used on an adult's scalp?

Yes, it can be used on your scalp.

Nov 08 2020

Can Himalaya Toning Massage Oil be used on the baby's face?


Yes, you can use this toning oil for the complete face and body.

Nov 07 2020

Can I use Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash regularly?

Yes, you can use the face wash twice a day.

Oct 03 2020

What material is used to make My Milestones Muslin Swaddle?

Sruthi Renjith

The swaddle is made of cotton material.

Oct 03 2020

Are all Peppa Pig Family Soft Toys of the same height?

No, each big toy is of 12-inch height and each small toy is 8 inches.

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