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Anjali Jalan
Name:Anjali Jalan
Place:Siliguri, West Bengal

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Good for bathing!

I was looking for such a thing for my baby during his bath time has he was too small and water would disturb him for playing for a longer time. This cap is easy to use and put up to the baby , and now my baby can enjoy his bath time more..


Light weight


Bathing Accessory


Side Flaps

Aug 18 2020
You can try this!

These rattle is very helpful from the very first day as this helps in many things as sound recognition with time it will help in color coordination, it can be used as a teether for soothing baby gums and many more. This is a must have product for all kid.


Self soothing

Relieves pain

Makes feeding easy

Distracts baby from teething pain

Aug 18 2020
Best to teach baby to walk!

This Fisher Price learn with puppy Walker is best to teach baby when baby starts to stand up and takes few steps. I have been using this Walker when my baby was 10 month old and he learned walking by 12 months, apart from other walkers this is good for the leg muscle and it helps the child walk all by himself rather than being dependent on any thing. In this manner they learn fast and in a better way.


Generates interest to walk

Provides balance

Prevents falling

Improves cognitive development


Unsafe without supervision

May 28 2020
Always keep it with myself!

I have been using Vicks baby rub from a long time, and this has done wonders to my baby when he had suffered from too much of cold and cough and even chest congestion. This gives an instant relief to your baby and your baby feel good and less cranky and is able to sleep well. I have been using it whenever he suffers from cough and cold. It does magic.




Dermatologist tested

Fragrance free

No skin touch

Easy fill

May 14 2020
Used and approved!

Little knowledge I had about this soap, I was given this by my hospital from day1 and I have been using it and I feel this is an ayurvedic and natural soap which doesn't take away the moisture of the babies skin and keeps it soft and smooth. I would recommend every mom to try it and use it. This is not expensive and is good for the skin of baby.


Mild and gentle

Soft after wash

Locks moisture

Nice fragrance

Lasts long

Lathers well


Doesn’t last long

May 14 2020
Must try this!

The himalaya baby shampoo is very gentle and tear free. I m using this from more than a year and it suits my baby and I prefer this above all. The dirt made by oil applying, all are removed at one was. Only a little quantity is required and you are done with your baby.


100% soap-free

pH balanced formula

No-tear formula

Mild fragrance

Gentle on hair

No Parabens Preservative-free

Apr 02 2020
Rash cream is soft

The himalaya rash cream is so gentle in the skin of babies, it very soft in texture and a very little quantity is require to be applied and tadaa, you baby is happy to go in his diaper. I prefer this rash cream as it is gentle and pocket friendly too.



Paraben free

Fragrance free

Cruelty free

Gentle for skin

Soft and moisturizing

Mar 09 2020
A must for a growing child!

The journey of motherhood comes with a host of decisions that need to be made on a regular basis. When I was approaching my due date, I started making a list of few important that would be essential for the baby. The one thing that topped the list was a BABY STROLLER . . . I am using Stroller, it's really sturdy and has a strong built which is much needed. Furthermore, it's super comfortable and has a cozy adjustable seat which ensured that your kid has a smooth ride and a fun time! What I really liked was that we could recline the seat to resting, seating and sleeping position whenever UV wanted to nap. . . Most of all, I like that it is easy to use, as I can fold it by myself, and use the wheel breaks with just a tap of my foot. Now, I know that I never have to worry about travelling with UV because this stroller from takes good care of our little one's need. I am very happy that I chose this stroller, and would definitely recommend to all parents.



Washable cushion

Padded harness

Front safety bar

Reversible handle

Mar 09 2020
Dabur lal tail is must!

My mother always used Dabur lal tail for me and my brothers, but when UV was born, we had least knowledge about the benefits of the oil and we started up with coconut oil. No doubt coconut oil is best for all skin types and all seasons but Dabur lal tail is an ayurvedic preparation which has Til Tail (Sesame Oil) - helps in absorption Ratanjyot – to protect the baby’s skin Shankhpushpi - protects against skin infection, general weakness Camphor - stimulates blood circulation Urad - nourishes muscles and prevent rickets. After using I can say that it is a must for all babies or their overall growth as massaging is very important for baby and with Dabur lal tel we can say " Sone pe suhaga"😉 Well, I would request all mom and to be mom to use this Ayurvedic mix for the baby.


Non sticky

Mild fragrance


Natural ingredients

Strengthens bones


Mar 09 2020
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