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Anjali srivastava 
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Anjali srivastava
Mar 26 2021

How many models can we build using Mechanix Robotix?


The kit helps to build 8 different models.

Anjali srivastava
Feb 03 2021

How many models can I create using Mechanix Battle Station?


You can create 5 different models using this toy.

Anjali srivastava
Mar 17 2021

Can I open and close the door of the Lego Volkswagen Beetle?

Yes, you can open and close the door of the car.

Anjali srivastava
Mar 25 2021

Does Paw Patrol Rocky require batteries?

Sushma Bindu

No, the toy doesn't work on batteries.

Anjali srivastava
Mar 19 2021

What material is used to make Paw Patrol Jumbo Action Rubble?

The toy is made of plastic material.

Anjali srivastava
Feb 11 2021

What is the scale of the Disney Lightning Mcqueen?

Deb Behera

The scale of the car is 1:55.

Anjali srivastava
Jan 06 2021

Is Pigeon Manual Breast Pump BPA-free?

amrutha anmol

Yes, the breast pump is BPA-free.

Anjali srivastava
Jan 20 2021

Can I wash the Boba Baby Wrap?

Kusuma HR

Yes, you can hand-wash or machine-wash the baby wrap.

Anjali srivastava
Dec 03 2020

Can I heat frozen milk in a Beaba Bottle Warmer?


Yes, you can heat the milk in the bag; ensure that the bags you use have good heat-resistance.

Anjali srivastava
Dec 04 2020

What material is used to make Bacati Nursing Pillow?


The pillow is made of cotton material with filler inside.

Anjali srivastava
Aug 21 2020

At how many levels can the height of Babyhug Mini Steps Walker Cum Rocker With Parent Push Handle be adjusted?


It provides 2 levels of height adjustment. Adjust the height by sliding the slider underneath the walker.

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