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Noor Unnisa
Name:Noor Unnisa

I'm a mom of 6months old baby boy.

Diaper rash cream

I have been using this cream for my baby to prevent from diaper doesn't have strong fragrance.ts very easy to apply on the babies skin.i like to apply in the day and night time.its a very good moisturizes the area very well and prevents from rashes and dryness

Feb 18 2020
Baby lotion.

I have been using the himalaya baby lotion since the day my baby is born.its very gentle on my baby's moisturizes the skin very well and makes the skin super prevents the skin from drying and keeps the skin hydrated. Supple and soft.i recommend this lotion to every mom.

Feb 11 2020
Baby shampoo.

I'm using this product on my baby's hair from more than 6 months..its a very mild dosen't have a strong fragrance. Which is a good thing.The shampoo is not harsh on hairs.its a good shampoo to be used on the babies hairs.after wash hairs are very soft and its gentle....

Feb 09 2020
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