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Good oil

Eternal love baby massage oil by Lotus Herbals baby+ is made with a blend of various botanical oils and extracts from almonds and olive. Oil massage is very important for babies n infants.. They should get proper oil massage daily twice or thrice a day as it is very necessary for their growth

Dec 12 2019
Gentle for skin

It' s a non greasy moisturising lotion which is gentle for baby' s skin n nourishes the skin really well.. it keeps the skin hydrated and smooth aal day long. For winters its really necessary as the skin gets dry n for baby's sensitive skin this is a much needed product.

Dec 12 2019

It' s always recommended to use a diaper rash cream, so that it acts as a protective layer between the diaper and the skin. Lotus baby diaper rash cream is very gentle on skin n takes care of baby' s skin really well.. if has good effects om skin of baby

Dec 12 2019
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