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Pakhi Sharma
Name:Pakhi Sharma


Amazing for new mothers

I truly feel this supplement is amazing for new mothers who are having any problem with lactation. It is natural, effective and does not have any side effects on the health of my or my baby. This is really good for my body and easy to digest even if I drink it twice everyday



Tastes good, Easy to digest




Feb 16 2020
Pakhi Sharma
Oct 04 2020

What material is used to make Minions Inflatable Swimming Boat?

Aadya Jain

The swimming boat is made of PVC material.

Pakhi Sharma
May 27 2020

Can I inflate and deflate Disney Pixar Cars Swimming Ring With Seat?

Ananya Sharma

Yes, you can inflate and deflate easily.

Pakhi Sharma
Jun 17 2020

Is Soft Buddies Elephant Soft Toy washable?

Rohit Agrawal

Yes, the toy is washable.

Pakhi Sharma
Apr 27 2020

Can I wash a Disney Pluto Plush toy?

Likitha Jaju

Yes, you can easily wash the plush toy.

Pakhi Sharma
Apr 16 2020

Is LuvLap Starshine Baby Stroller a heavyweight or lightweight product?


The stroller has a standard weight of 7 kg.

Pakhi Sharma
Mar 12 2020

Is Okbaby Onda Evolution Baby Bath Tub available in different colors?


Yes, the bathtub is available in pink, blue, grey, white, and turquoise.

Pakhi Sharma
Jan 15 2020

Is Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath available in different quantities?

Yes, the baby bath is available in 100 ml, 200 ml, and 400 ml.

Pakhi Sharma
Aug 02 2020

Can Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion be used daily?

Samim Aktar

Yes, the lotion is formulated to be used daily.

Pakhi Sharma
Feb 19 2020

Does the pH level of a soap matter?

Meera Sethi

Yes, the soap pH level matters a lot. Any soap with a pH level greater than 5.5 may cause damage to the skin leading to irritation and inflammation. Curatio Tedibar Soap maintains a pH level of 5.5 to avoid skin problems.

Pakhi Sharma
Jun 18 2020

What is the price of Mom & World Baby Mosquito Repellent Baby Lotion?

Aparna Sudhan G

The price of this product is Rs. 399.

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