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Ira Joshi
Name:Ira Joshi


My child feels full now

My husband is a doctor and he always suggests what is best for me and my child...when I was not producing sufficient milk to meet my son’s hunger needs, my husband got zandu striveda powder for me and it has really made me very happy and my son feels full now…



Improves milk production, Tastes good, Easy to digest




Dec 12 2019
Ira Joshi
Mar 02 2021

Can I remove the shoes of Toy Story Bo Peep?


No, you can not remove the shoes of the toy.

Ira Joshi
Feb 18 2021

Does Play Doh Slime stick?

The slime doesn’t stick to your fingers or surfaces.

Ira Joshi
Feb 07 2021

How tall does the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange stand?

Ashwin Babariya

The doll stands 6 inches tall.

Ira Joshi
Dec 19 2020

Do Hatchimals Colleggtibles need batteries?


No, they do not need batteries.

Ira Joshi
Jan 12 2021

What material is used to make WaterWipes Baby Wipes?

Megha Puri

he wipes are made of plant fiber and are biodegradable.

Ira Joshi
Jan 10 2021

Does Bigasuo Baby Monitor help in monitoring night vision?

Yes, the monitor comes with the night vision technology which helps you monitor even at night.

Ira Joshi
Dec 05 2020

Is Divinext Bath Cap available in different colors?

Deb Behera

Yes, the cap is available in yellow, blue, pink, etc.

Ira Joshi
Nov 08 2020

Can adults use Mustela Baby Oil?


Yes, adults can use this oil to moisturize the skin.

Ira Joshi
Jul 17 2020

Is Biotique Nurturing Moisture Cream available in 100 gms?

amrutha anmol

No, the cream is available in 50 gms.

Ira Joshi
Oct 24 2020

Is Charlie Banana Diaper Laundry Bag waterproof?

Deb Behera

Yes, the laundry bag comes with a waterproof layer.

Ira Joshi
Jul 10 2020

Can we attach Babyhug Playpen Cum Baby Cot to the parent bed?


Yes, we can easily attach it to the parent bed by making small changes.

Ira Joshi
Jul 17 2020

What is the maximum number of bottles that the Babyhug-6-in-1 Steam Sterilizer Cum Warmer can take?


The sterilizer can sterilize 6 bottles at a time of the same quantity.

Ira Joshi
Apr 23 2020

Can we sterilize Philips Avent Anti Colic Bottle with Airfree Vent?


Yes, we can sterilize the bottle using Philips steamer or boiling water.

Ira Joshi
Aug 02 2020

How does the presence of onion oil in the Mamaearth Onion Hair Mask help?


Onion oil helps to cool the scalp irritation, itching, and restores the lost nutrients in chemically-treated hair and in pollution-damaged hair.

Ira Joshi
Jan 08 2020

Does Babyhug Gaiety Electronic Swing with Timer 5-point Safety Harness work with an AC adapter?

Vandana Apte

The swing works well with an AC adapter at 100-220 v, 50 / 60 Hz.

Ira Joshi
Jun 13 2020

Can the Babyhug Ionia Wooden Cradle with Mosquito Net be used for newborns?

Neela Rashmi

Yes, the cradle is designed to be used for infants and newborns too. However, proper bedding must be done to keep them warm and cozy.

Ira Joshi
Apr 22 2020

In how many colors is Kalacaree Ballerina Theme Magnetic Photo Frame available?

Ananya Sharma

It is handcrafted and available only in pink color, designed with a Ballerina girls' theme.

Ira Joshi
Jun 18 2020

What is the quantity of Mom & World Baby Mosquito Repellent Body Roll On?

The quantity of this product is 50 ml.

Ira Joshi
Jun 18 2020

What is the price of Mom & World Hair Strengthening Shampoo + Hair Strengthening Conditioner?

The price of this complete hair care kit is Rs. 999.

Ira Joshi
Jun 18 2020

What is the shelf life of Mom & World Skin Bio Therapy Oil?

Swathi Choudhary

The shelf life of this product is 3 years.

Ira Joshi
Jun 18 2020

What is the quantity of Mom & World Tear Free Baby Shampoo?


The quantity of this product is 200 ml.

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